The Hypnosis Library - Bundle of Hypnosis MP3s

The Hypnosis Library - Bundle of Hypnosis MP3s

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Over 40 Guided Hypnosis MP3s for Wellbeing and Success

The Hypnosis Library contains over 40 hypnosis mp3s for a variety of topics, including weight loss, confidence, overcome fears and self-doubt, attract prosperity/money mindset, aligning with your soulmate, quit smoking, stop nail biting, end procrastination, improve sleep, stress relief, emotional and physical wellbeing, spirituality and much more!


MP3s in the Bundle 

Attract Soulmate

Believe In Yourself

Blissful Relaxation

Bonus Weight Loss 

Change Your Body Image

Clarify Your Path

Clear Money Blocks


Create Your Dream Life


Eliminate Fear

Erase Self-Doubt

Fear of Heights

Fear of Rejection


Freedom from Picking and Scratching

Guided Meditation for Unconditional Self-Acceptance 

Healing an Illness

Healing and Awakening (Spiritual) 

Higher Consciousness (Spiritual) 

I Am Good Enough

Inner Peace

Align with Your Life Purpose

Mechanics of Eating (Weight Loss)

Mental Detox (Weight Loss) 

Money Set Point (Money Mindset) 

Motivation and Commitment (Weight Loss) 

New Image (Weight Loss) 

New Weight Set Point


Overcome Bedwetting for Child

Overcome Gambling Addiction

Overcome Perfectionism

Pain Relief

Quit Smoking

Release Hurt - Weight Loss

Release Self-Judgement

Safety and Security (Emotional Wellbeing)

Self Esteem

Sleep thru Night


Smoking 2 Paths (Quit Smoking) 

Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Nail Biting

Study Skills

Virtual Diet Pill (Weight Loss) 

Wealth Affirmations

Wealth Mindset

Weight Loss 

Weight Loss Healing and Transformation

Wellness and Immunity Meditation


These audios are from the Vault and can vary slightly in volume and quality.