The "Outside the Box" Entrepreneur (Paperback)

The "Outside the Box" Entrepreneur (Paperback)

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An esoteric, yet practical guide for entrepreneurs who are unsatisfied with their current business to: 
  • Finally get clear on what you really want out of your life so can take practical steps to achieve it.
  • Shift out of old disempowering belief patterns and habits, and into an aligned way of thinking and action for increased life and business satisfaction.
  • Learn a simple and profoundly effective way to use the power of visualization to your advantage.
  • Become proficient at recalibrating yourself to feel more empowered and be more effective in your business.
  • Assess which high impact marketing strategies will work best for you to create your ideal lifestyle business.

Hypnosis is a fascinating and powerful technique for transformation, although greatly misunderstood. While the practice of hypnotherapy is relatively modern, hypnotic methods have been used throughout history in virtually every major culture around the world. Today, hypnosis is recognized for its valuable contribution in the fields of medicine, psychology, personal development and sports performance.

Author Alicia D. Cramer C.Ht. takes you on a journey; beginning with her story of triumph after a traumatic sexual assault. Alicia shares how she transformed her life and built a successful business with the help of hypnosis. Next, she walks you back through time, introducing you to the fascinating history of hypnosis, and how it has developed into what it is today.

Her passion for empowering others is evident as she teaches you how to effectively use self hypnosis to increase confidence and achieve your goals. Throughout the book Alicia shares insider tips to help YOU Recondition Your Mind for Success!

"The "Outside the Box" Entrepreneur was one of the most useful books I've read in a long time. It is exactly what the subtitle says, The Mindset, Marketing and Making of YOUR Lifestyle Business. It is an easy read that is packed with useful information to get clear on what you really want, change old habits and beliefs, be more empowered in business and also marketing strategies that align with your own business and personality. The questions and exercises in each chapter are very eye opening and helpful to focus on my goals and direction of my life and business as well as realizing where I've been blocked in my full success. I've been an entrepreneur running my own businesses for 15 years and this book showed me where my gaps in my mindset and marketing were. I loved the "Blueprint for Your Lifestyle Business" section and the key elements. I could go on but I suggest just read this book. There is so much more great, thought provoking information that is easy to implement in your own life and business. I've reassessed a few things and am implementing right away!" Cheryl H.

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